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Why invest in Australian commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate is one of Australia’s most lucrative forms of investment. And it’s not just a profitable venture – it’s a trustworthy one too. In a recent survey, JLL has rated Australia as having the second most transparent real estate market in the world, with its availability and quality of information a great reason for investing.

Commercial property investment in Australia typically refers to buying properties used for business activities. Office premises, industrial property, large format retailers, medical clinics, hotels and apartment buildings all fall into the category of commercial property. Beyond the high yields and incredible potential for capital growth, commercial property is a stable investment for many Australians.

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Australian commercial property investment can deliver a strong and stable returns. Here’s how:

Lease agreements have far longer terms than residential investment properties in Australia. A long lease promises continued rental income and financial stability.

Yields are lucrative and generally far outweigh finance costs, producing a cash flow positive environment.

Tenants are less volatile than those in residential real estate, and may often improve the property value if the lease agreement is based on strong covenants, reputability and ability to meet financial obligations.

Value-add opportunities can be found, with knowledge and experience. Signage, increased exposure, renovations, car parking, accessibility and improvements can add substantial value to an investment. A long due diligence period allows smart investors to find these opportunities before the property is even in their name.

The tenant of a net lease will pay all property outgoings. This creates a hassle-free investment, and avoids income erosion from regular ownership costs.


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